How To Know If That Candidate You Love Will Perform For Your Client

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I am sure we have all ‘done’ it in the past. You know what I mean don’t you? Let me give you a clue. Sitting in front of you is the dream candidate. It has taken you a lot of toil and sweat to get them engaged with your recruitment company and now you are convinced that this month’s billings will be in the bag. I mean they are going to be amazing aren’t they? Well maybe. Before you head off to do a happy dance it is worth answering these questions.

1. Are they a fit and a match for your client?

Of course they are you are screaming! Let me explain. Company fit isn’t just about skill set. Just recently a good friend of mine got, what appeared to be, an amazing role in a dynamic company.

She is an amazing graphic designer and a bit unique. Think M and S classic range rather than Hollister. The role was well paid yet the constant urban music being played and the company ‘culture’ didn’t match what was important to her. She has now moved down the road to a design job with a major financial player and is loving it. Radio two plays in the background- with the volume turned down and once again she is enjoying going to work. Now she was placed by a recruiter who was experienced and to be frank; should have known better.

Hitting billings is one thing and your recruitment manager will love you for it. Placing a candidate who only stays for five weeks with a key client won’t impress.

2. Success leaves clues

Yes it does and it is a well-known saying in the development world. The good news is it works in business. Because success really does leave a trail of evidence behind it. As a recruiter you can use this phenomenon in a number of ways.

First of all what can you find out about your candidate. There are enumerable ways to do this. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and a good old Google search will allow you to uncover a lot of information. Your choice is whether to act on it or not.

If your current client is known to your recruitment company seek out the help of your fellow recruiters in the office. They will be able to help you out with information they have probably gleaned about your client over many years. We all know that certain organisations have a certain type of employee that excels within their office walls. You will have heard the sayings? Oh Jane is definitely a BP girl or Alan is a KPMG clone. Like it or not this can make a huge difference to how an individual performs in an organisation. Standing out from the crowd can be achieved in other ways.

3. Have the nerve to say no

If you have done all your research and the person in front of you creates that ‘niggle inside’ be brave enough to move on. It might seem like a wasted effort; it never is because it hones your skill for seeking the best in class.

With the current trend in recruitment sector grow learning how to identify key talent will be more important than ever. With the growth in the economy it is true that more good candidates are willing to move and with all things in life the not so good will also appear. Make sure you chose the right one.

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