How To Market Fourth Avenue Residences On Facebook In 6 Simple Steps

Do You Really Want To Learn How To Market Fourth Avenue Residences On Facebook?

If you seriously want to learn how to market Fourth Avenue Residences on Facebook and separate yourself from 97% of so called, “Facebook Marketers,” who only spam there company links and attempt to pitch you on their product or service every chance they get, I strongly recommend that you read this brief article word-for-word.

Why Do You Want To Learn How To Market Fourth Avenue Residences On Facebook!

First and foremost, I want to cover why it’s important that you learn how to market Fourth Avenue Residences on Facebook. I could actually name 100s, maybe even thousands of reasons, but since I promised you I would keep it brief I will only list a few:

*Facebook has over 800 million users and more than 50% of their active users long in everyday.

*Facebook is the 2nd most visited website in the world, with it’s only competition being Google.

*You have an instant Global Reach when you learn how to market on Facebook because more than 75% of it’s users are outside of the United States.

*With the access to groups, fan pages etc. you have the ability to directly target your ideal customer and build a relationship with them and eventually turn them into a lead then ultimately a paying customer.

How To Market Fourth Avenue Residences On Facebook(The Motive)

What inspired me to publish this article about “How To Market Fourth Avenue Residences on Facebook,” was a coaching call that I had late lastnight with one of my new business partners(who I’m very excited about working with might I add). She’s new to marketing on Facebook and even though she went through an entire Facebook Marketing Training, she still didn’t feel as if she had any tangible step by step instructions on how to effectively implement the strategies.

Because she’s very excited about learning to build her business online and is willing to do what it takes to succeed, I stayed on the phone with her until a little after 12:30 am until we both were 100% sure that she had a full understanding. After the call, I couldn’t help but think to myself,

“If she was having a challenge with getting a grasp of how to use this powerful social media platform to market herself and her business, how many other entrepreneurs around the world could there be that are also trying to learn how to market on Facebook?”

6 Steps To Dominating Facebook

1. Set Up Your Personal Profile or Fan Page related to Fourth Avenue Residences- If you want to learn how to market on Facebook the first thing you have to do is set up your page. Either a personal page, fan page or both(I have both).Upload a quality pic of you(to develop your personal brand), edit your profile(fill in all of the information so people can connect with you based on the information you reveal about yourself(be transparent).

2. Add Friends(think outside of the box)- You want to add friends that are in your target market or other like minded individuals on a daily basis. Facebook has restrictions on adding friends so you can just start out by adding 20 new friends per day.

You maybe asking, “How do I find people in my target market and people of similar interest that could be interested on Fourth Avenue Residences property?” And that’s a Great Question and it also leads me into Step 3…

3. Join Groups- All you have to do is type a word related to propertoes into the Facebook search box and it’s going to show you the search results. To the left of the screen you will see “groups” and there you will unlock an infinite flow of potential business partners, buyers and even other entrepreneurs.

4. Start Your Own Group- Using social media is all about building your own personal brand. Starting your own group on Fourth Avenue Residences is a great way to build a loyal following and have them all in one place and you can market to the directly and indirectly as much as you please.

5. Post Value Based Content on Fourth Avenue Residences – Now that you’re set-up you want to post daily content that offers value using video, blog post, article, quotes etc. Post this content on your walls and the walls of the groups you’re in.

6. Take Massive Daily Action- This is perhaps the most important step! To build an authority presence and Super Brand online, you have to implement this strategy for over an extended period of time!!