Looking For a Singapore Recruitment Agency? What You Need to Know

Even before one gets to looking for a Singapore recruitment agency, the first question on their mind ought to be why use these agencies in the first place? In today’s corporate world, job seekers and employers alike are making use of recruitment agencies in a bid to save money and speed up the process. The core function of the agencies is to enable employers get qualified applicants for the job at hand. This, in effect, matches up the job seeker to the employer who requires their skills. While some agencies work in just about any field, there are those that have specialized in particular markets such as the hospitality industry, the automobile market and the cleaning sector just to name a few.

recruitment agent will not usually charge the job seeker, and will instead search for potential employees at the cost of the employer. In recent times however, job seekers have found that some agencies, depending on the position for which they qualify and the organization, will charge the potential employee a fixed fee. Traditionally, the one way to identify a recruitment agency, and not just in Singapore, was to look on the high street in your local. This has, however, changed with the advancement of technology. There are many online agencies which aim to make hiring new employees a tad easy.

There are several reasons why an employer will use a Singapore recruitment agency. For instance, if the company is just starting out and there is little resource in the human resource department, then the employer may opt to use an agency to cut on operational costs. There are instances where a company does not want to go public with the vacancy or skills required, hence the choice to use an agency. In the same breath, when an employer is looking for a particular set of skills that are stringent, it becomes imperative to make use of the services of a recruitment agency. Past experiences may also define an employer’s decision to use an agency. If, for example past advertisements have led to the hiring of poor skilled people, this is not a road the employer may want to travel again.

For the job seeker on the other hand, there are several advantages of using a Singapore recruitment agency. The first and perhaps the most obvious reason is that there is no need to go through classified advertisements, hence saving time. Secondly, if one is interested in one particular market, then one chooses an agency that specializes in that sector. Reputable agencies help job seekers to write an excellent CV as well as prepare them for the impending interviews, after which the job seeker is furnished with information on their performance. This becomes a win-win situation for both parties.

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