Monitoring Bandwidth

Going cheap on bandwidth is acceptable when a corporation is small and first starting. Problems start to arise when more hardware and users are added to the network. You may notice that your users start to complain about slow response on the network and complain of timeouts. Although bandwidth prices continue to fall, some other bandwidth management solutions can be implemented to create a more cost efficient way to offer more bandwidth to network users.

If your network has free access to any protocol, then simple limits on unneeded services could create more available bandwidth. If your users are streaming videos or audio, it can take a huge cut from available bandwidth resources. Large downloads like bit torrent or other video files can quickly suck up bandwidth from a corporate network. These are a few services that can be disallowed to give your users more available bandwidth and save the company some money.

Security risks could also be the issue for dwindling bandwidth. Sudden spikes in network bandwidth usage could be a suspicious intruder or a possible denial of service attack. Occasionally, spikes in network traffic can be hardware or software related. Regardless, sudden severe spikes can bring your network to its knees. A network administrator should be quickly aware of suspicious activity on their network, and a good network monitoring software can alert the network administrator of suspicious activity.

If network bandwidth resources are suddenly becoming limited, a good network monitoring software is a critical component to properly analyze the issue. Important times to watch network resources are during peak time usage. This will give the network administrator a firm idea of where bandwidth resources are being utilized. Whether it’s directly business related or for personal usage such as streaming, it will help you make a better decision on if you need more bandwidth or you simply need to limit extraneous usage.


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