Online Amazon Partner Sites Review

Upon stumbling across the Amazon AWS Partner Sites opportunity that Neil Asher presents, one can’t help but think it’s a scam, just another Neil Asher scam, and it looks like it. I was totally a non-believer, and reading through the site, why wouldn’t you be. It’s flashy, it’s obnoxious, it’s loud, and who knows if it actually makes money for people.

I was that non-believer a few months ago. I graduated college, set myself up with a decent job, and was going crazy because I was working 40 plus hours a week, and paying the bills. I had nothing extra left over to go enjoy my late 20’s with, and all I wanted to be able to do was go take a 2 week vacation somewhere warm and tropical. I tried second jobs, they didn’t cut it, by taking the extra attention away from my 9-5 sales job, my income actually took a dip with the side jobs. I had to find a way to make some extra money in a hands-off, low-touch sort of way. But that didn’t exist in my mind.

I came across Neil Asher’s site after some Google searching, and I basically just laughed it off as a Neil Asher ripoff product, there are millions of these on the market, how on earth could his differ and actually work? So, I started doing a little research on my own, taking a look at the Amazon site, the capability it had to make money, the number of people that use it. It’s amazing. Amazon is a giant jackpot just waiting to be cracked open. A site that can filter that many people to it, must have a way to partner some websites too it. Maybe Neil Asher was right, and maybe this wasn’t an Amazon Partner Sites scam.

For what it cost to try one site, I didn’t think there was much I could lose, plus on top of it, it said it came with a money-back guarantee if I didn’t make money. And, like Neil Asher said on the site, try getting your stockbroker or your mutual fund guy to do that for you. Sure, the money may disappear for a few months, but I’d be able to get it back.

So, I did it, I bought one site, that was it, under a grand, I took the leap and purchased what may be the way to provide my life with financial freedom. That night, I didn’t sleep, I was so worried about what I had just done, so certain that the Amazon Partner Sites were truly a scam. But, as the weeks went by, and the first month passed, I had earned some money. My single partner site was partially paid off, and I was on my way to making a small profit. By the third month, I had posted a profit, and I was jumping for joy. I dumped my second job that was dragging me down, and I bought another Amazon Partner Site. With two, I was able to double my income, and I broke even on that second site even quicker than the first.

Now, I have 7 partner sites, I make hundreds each month on some and thousands some months on others. What I thought was going to be a loss, or simply a break even, or best case a small profit has turned into a cash cow. I dropped my 9-5 like it was going out of style, I booked my two week vacation to the tropics, and I sat on the beach, drinking rum and watching my bank account grow.

I’m not tech-savvy, I can check my email and that’s about it. I’m not proficient in HTML. I’m not a business genius, but what I purchased from Neil Asher has set me up for the rest of my life, and given me the freedom to live my life the way I choose. Had I let my skepticism of these Amazon Partner Sites get the best of me, I’d still be working 60 hours a week with nothing to show. Take the chance, live a little, I promise you’ll be thanking Neil for it later, I know I am!


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