Pyhsiotherapy Clinics Can Help You Manage Pain Without the Use of Drugs Or Medication

About ten years ago, I hurt my back lifting something the wrong way and ended up with chronic back pain as a result of that. All it took was one time lifting something that was quite heavy by not preparing my back properly and at the time of lifting I felt my spine actually ripping from pain. It actually felt that I had damaged it right then and there. I also have only in recent years gotten foot pain or plantar fasciitis as well and I now think it is a result of the back pain causing the foot pain. Ever since that fateful day when I injured my back I have looked for ways to find comfort and relief from both my back pain,and my foot pain and that’s when I decided to go to a physiotherapist for the first time. I have also got some recurring miniscus pain in my right knee and needed to have it treated as well.

I made an appointment with a local pyhsiotherapist and went for my initial visit and explained what kinds of problems I was having and she suggested a number of ways to help improve things with stretching exercises, and custom orthotics for my feet and treatments with some specialized equipment for each visit. When I started out at the physiotherapy clinic, I would get treatment for my back with a tens machine for fifteen minutes per session for my back, and then I would receive an ultrasound for my knee pain and acupuncture for my back as well. The tens machine has four suction cups that go on your back and the machine when turned on feels like a small tingling in your spine which you control the level of tingling that you can handle by adjusting it higher as you use it. I find it helps considerably and feel better after use, while the ultrasound took some time for it to actually feel like it was working in helping reduce the miniscus pain in my knee. It actually took quite a number of visits to the physiotherapist before I could get any relief.

When my phsiotherapist moulded my feet for the orthotics I had to wait a couple of weeks to get them. The other thing that the physiotherapist said to do for my feet was to wear Birkenstock shoes in my home in my bare feet to control foot pain at home and I have started wearing them and I cannot believe the relief in foot pain that I have. I now swear by the Birkenstocks as a major improvement in the level of pain I receive in my feet. When I tried my $400 dollar orthotics I found that I was not getting any relief from foot pain and switched to Barefoot Science in my shoes. The other thing my physiotherapist told me to do about my feet was to buy a good quality Running Shoe, I buy good quality New Balance running shoes and remove the insert in them and now use my Barefoot Science that I bought online at a Canadian company that developed an adjustable orthotic that has changed my life and improved my overall foot health to the point where I now suffer almost no foot pain at all both at home and when I am out walking. I threw out my expensive orthotics and haven’t looked back since I use the Birkenstocks and Barefoot science products.

One of the best things about going to a physiotherapist is that they can help you with exercises and proper stretching and product recommendations to help you maintain good pain management on your own without the use of any medications or drugs. I have used and been to physiotherapists ongoing for years and just recently went back to one after suffering sciatica from playing hockey and was only there about 8 or 10 times before being able to manage getting rid of the rest of the pain by myself. I highly recommend using a physiotherapist any time even prior to visiting a doctor to see if they can help you before using medication to control pain.