Relieve Chronic Back Pain

Basically there are two types of pain; acute and chronic. Acute pain is temporary in nature and this goes away if the cause is resolved. This can be due to an injury, illness or recent surgery. Chronic pain is a long duration pain and can go on for days, months or even years. Chronic pain is considered as the costliest health problem in the United States.

Prevention is better than cure. Hence, it is necessary to follow the steps given below to prevent getting back pain.

o Head has to be held high without leaning forward while standing and walking. Feet are to be kept apart with the weight towards the balls of the feet.
o While sitting in a chair, one should keep back straight and with proper support at the back instead of leaning forward.
o While lifting, the back has to be kept straight by bending at the hips.
o The backrest of the chair has to push at the lower back while sitting. Keep the computer screen at eye level. One should not bend too much while sitting.
o Stretching exercises will help in preventing back pain.

Back pain is the most frequent complaint in people. The spine is a complex network of nerves, joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments and all are capable of producing pain individually.

Exercise and physiotherapy which includes stretching and strengthening are good to help the patient in long term. Series of lessons with an exercise prescription in Alexander technique is found to be beneficial for patients with chronic back pain.

Manipulation by a trained and qualified physical therapist is found to be beneficial for back pain patients. Cold compression therapy is also equally effective in relieving back pain.

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