SEO Advise for Riverfront Residences Property Agents:

Do not buy domain such as,, or Some SEO experts will say that this will be the best way so that Google will pick up the keywords in the domain and list your website to the 1st page accordingly, this is actually half true.

Here are the considerations:

1) The SEO technique is actually outdated, Google actually penalized domain which has little content and intentionally use similar keywords in the domain name that provides little or no value.

2) You could be listed in the top 10 when it is little or no competition, however, your website will be out of the 1st page when people start to discuss Riverfront Residences online in forums, property listing, etc.

3) Your time and investment put on getting Riverfront Residences to the first page shine only at the very beginning. SEO should be long-term where it can help you for at least the next 5-10 years

4) If your domain name is new as has no Page authority, Google will not choose to rank your website to the best page.

5) Where you are having duplicated content from all over the places, Google will not rank content that is supposedly copied from other places.

Long-term 10 Years SEO Benefits and beyond:

Riverfront Residences is located at Hougang Ave 7 and has 1472 units, and what if 1% of the owner of 1472 approach you to help them to sell the Riverfront Residences units if your website is listed in the TOP 3 every year, that will be 14 units for sale every year, if your website is listed in Google for the next 10 years, you will have 14 units x 10 years = 140 units available for sale.

140 units X $700,000.00 (Avg) = $98,000,000

If you are to charge only 2% of the transaction fees, that will be 1.96 million dollars as the commission for the next 10 years.

Yes, the figures above are not perfect, there is some flaw there as you may not sell all the units, but that is the potential of how SEO can be so amazing on making a continues commissions every year.

How’s that for using SEO for Riverfront Residences?

No, you have not seen the real potential of really doing SEO for Riverfront Residences.

The Power of SEO

The real power of SEO is every single day, your website will be seen by movers and shakers in the industry, not just in Singapore, by overseas developers and buyers. What will be the potential business potential opportunities you bring to the table if your NAME is seen by movers and shakers of the real estate industry almost every week when they were to search for specific projects.

For example, what if they are involved in projects such as Parc Estam, Stirling Residences, Fourth Avenue Residences, Affinity at Serangoon or even Kent Ridge Hill Residences.  They could have already bought the units and looking to let it go to the public, will they be asking you to help sell their units? There is a very high possibility, as your name and brand are visible to the public, it creates the subconscious feeling that you will be a better real estate agent that is able to help the sellers.

And yes, SEO is the best way to sell Riverfront Residences in the long term and you will be able to yield very good ROI when you are using SEO for your website.

Good luck with your property selling!

Extract from this blog article. An article by Dougles Chan – Best SEO Coach