SEO on Fourth Avenue Residences domain name

Do not buy domains name such as,, or or something similar.

Some SEO experts will say that this will be the best way so that Google will pick up the keywords in the domain and list your website to the 1st page accordingly, this is actually half true.

Here are the serious considerations:

1) The SEO technique is actually outdated, Google actually penalized domain which has little content and intentionally uses similar keywords in the domain name that provides little or no value.

2) You could be listed in the top 10 when it is little or no competition, however, your website will be out of the 1st page when people start to discuss Fourth Avenue Residences online in forums, property listing, etc. That is to say, you will rank initially, but later your ranking will fall drastically.

3) Your time and investment put on getting Fourth Avenue Residences to the first-page shine only at the very beginning. SEO should be long-term where it can help you for at least the next 5-10 years

4) If your domain name is new as has no Page authority, Google will not choose to rank your website to the best page.

5) Where you are having duplicated content from all over the places, Google will not rank content that are supposedly copied from other places.

An article by Dougles Chan, the SEO Master Coaching SEO Experts