SGWOLF Burger Reviews

Traveled far and wide from my office at MBFC to suntec for this burger. It was juicy, not mind blowing and tasted like something you can get from Carl’s Junioe at a cheaper price? They make your orders on the spot so I had to wait like everyone else

Signature Wolf Burger  $9.90

Freshly ground beef patty with cheddar, in original sesame seed bun

A Burger Beyond Words!

Ever since trying it during the Singapore Eco Film Festival, I was hooked and addicted and couldn’t be happier when I found out that there was one (yes, sadly only one) establishment that serves Burgers made of Beyond Meat patties.

I’m not a vegetarian by any means but the Future Burger at SGWolf Burger is something that will blow your mind.
Beyond meat is a fully plant based protein “meat” patty that looks like meat, smells like meat and tastes as good as any beef patty you can get out there.
It is juicy and busting with “meatiness”.

Do note however that it is a lot pricier than the other burgers available at wolf burger (nearly double the price),

Apologies for the bad picture as the lighting completely thew off the picture but I would highly recommend it, if anything, at least for the experience.

Umami Bomb

Built for comfort-food seekers, Wolf Burgers’ Umami Bomb ($11.90) is just the thing to try on your next cheat day. Coated in a secret umami sauce, the signature Wolf patty – freshly grounded beef patty is made even better with the savoury-sweet combination. With a slight resemblance to our familiar mushroom swiss, the unassuming burger was certainly an upgrade – more juicy and perfectly sandwiched between two soft buns and beautiful melty cheese.

For Wallet-Friendly Umami Bombs

This Suntec City spot makes ’em compact, flavour-packed and worth the money! For a satisfying lunch bun, get the Magic Shrooms ($10.90) with provolone and truffled mushrooms or go big with the Umami Bomb ($11.90) with a secret sauce that Burppler Jonathan Wong describes as an ‘out-of-this-world experience’.
Photo by Burppler Jonathan Wong

Howl At The Moon

Standard Wolf burger (9.90) with sweet potato fries. Tasty package, great bun accompanying the burger. Fries a little soggy but still good – could do with a wider selection of sauces to dip though…

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Nasi Lemak Fish burger $7.90 With Fries

No expectation even though we heard of this place before. Pop by to Suntec for lunch & try this hipster food truck zone because we can’t find Food Republic. ?
“Nasi Lemak fish burger”$7.90 (fish, Sambal, raw onion, cucumber and a fried egg) was served piping hot followed by “Coyote Burger”$6.90 (beef patty with melted cheddar) with 1 packet of fries to share $4.0 We can’t find fault on burgers.
The ingredients are cooked freshly (so fresh that one of us got burnt tongue from biting into hot fried fish)…?
Gotta be in one must try list! ?

Magic Shrooms ($10.90)

Beautifully buttered buns sandwiching truffled mushrooms and onions atop a medium rare beef patty. The beef patty was moist and lightly seasoned. Loved how the provolone cheese binded everything together with the addition of a cheesy pull effect! Simply one of the best shrooms burgers I have ever had!

The Umami Bomb from @wolfburgersg looks small and unassuming, but the the first bite is an out of this world experience.

Combine the soft, fluffy bun with a perfectly cooked patty with a nice crust at the edges, cheese and some secret umami seasoning, like it’s name, this burger is a flavor bomb! I see some kombu peeking out from the cheese, so it’s safe to say it’s part of the secret seasoning. This is my go to burger now at Wolf Burgers. #wolfburgersg #burpple

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Nasi Lemak Fish Burger

Saw quite a number of reviews for this; decided to for it considering how I was in the area and my friend was craving for a burger — realised I hadn’t been visiting Wolf Burgers for a while.

I really liked how it was pretty much inspired from the McDonald’s special in the way it was designed — there was a hint of coconut with the fried batter of the fish — crisp, yet featuring a moist and flaky flesh within. It comes full with a sambal that is sweet yet provides a kick — a good sambal even by traditional Nasi Lemak standards. It also comes with cucumber slices and fried egg; lacks the Ikan Bilis that people wished it would come with the McDonald’s version as well. One thing did, however, not sit with me well — the fried egg was particularly speckled with black dots and featured a disturbingly brown crust that carried an aesthetic similar to onion rings along its side; felt that it was fried using overused oil — could have done better by using a fresh batch of oil (or at least not reused to this extent), considering I am actually having this at a hipster food court stall; details that should have been better taken care of.

Santa Slam

Part of pasar bella. Tried the chritmas special santa slam ($15.9). Includes a turkey avocado burger & strawberry cheesecake milkshake. Turkey was moist, avocado gives creaminess but the buns were too soggy, although it was a pretty good deal altogether 4/5

Wolf Burger ?

Don’t think of making it well done, beef is in its best when just in medium. ? Just like life. Choosing medium and moderation are recommended for a happy life. HAHA.
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Magic Shrooms

Pretty good, but something was missing. Flavours were quite muted, it didn’t leave an impression and I can’t even recall the taste now. But to be clear, it definitely was not a bad burger. Just forgettable.

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Mushroom Burger

Posted a review on this before, but it deserves a second one. I love the combination of the bun, mushrooms and patty! The truffle after taste is not overpowering and well balanced. Special shout out to the fries which looked like they were hand cut and fried to perfection!

The Alpha ($14.90) is one of those things where you can't stop ordering every time even though you come with the intention of trying something else.

As with all good hamburgers, the Alpha at Wolf Burger is about texture, the crunchy shards of lettuce, the charred surface of the dual patties , the outer rim of the bun crisped to almost the consistency of toast. When compressed by the act of eating, the hamburger leaks beefy juices thats that only adds to the experience. Soft, grilled onions add both a certain squishiness and a caramelly sweetness which only serves to acentuate the medium-done beef.