The Key Benefits of Windows Reseller Web Hosting Over Linux Reseller Web Hosting

Windows Reseller web hosting definitely is more popular among many of its competitors because of the benefits and features which their users can obtain from utilizing their platform as compared to Linux platform. Below please find a list of key benefits of Windows web hosting over its competitors.

1. This platform allows users to use Active Server Pages scripts, one of the greatest Microsoft applications famous in designing websites. Of course, users are allowed to use many other active programming tools and scripts for different needs and objectives as long as they get themselves on Windows reseller web hosting. This also meant that your Windows reseller web hosting software is equipped with the Enterprise level solution right from the beginning.

2. Windows reseller services, RDMS (Relational database management system ) which is a kind of SQL server is used because of its prestigious reputation in providing the greatest level of reliable database management system for many users all over the world, especially those from the enterprise level businesses where reliable is top priority.

3. It is a great candidate for Reseller business because of its high feasibility and excellent compatibility with many other host devices as compared to Linux. One great example would be any web sites that run on UNIX-based system can be hosted by a windows-based server, However, the reversal does not work effectively the same way which had worked for Windows reseller services.

4. Windows platform is preferred because of its higher level of compatibility. Let me quote a good example here: with only one single control panel, the reseller web hosting provider is able to track multiple clients concurrently, unlike Linux reseller web hosting which you would probably need to spread out over various multiple control panels in such case. This not only save you a lot of time, but it is much easier to keep track of your clients as well.

5. It allows the users to use ASP. Net and ASP along with Windows Reseller web host service plan. This is an added benefit to the clients because ASP and ASP.Net are powerful tools especially for web application development which helps to facilitate in designing and developing one’s website for their business attraction.

6. Furthermore, Microsoft is providing SQL Server, a highly reliable and powerful software for data management and analysis which work fine with many existing complex business applications. Microsoft is always there to offer the latest technology to support their customers and a wide cluster of their business in order to stay competitively advantageous in the web hosting industry. Therefore as one gets to partner up with a windows reseller platform provider, you have a huge space and opportunities to grow along with your clients needs to expand their business with the latest features and technology from a windows reseller platform


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