Three Keys for Recruiters

If you’re a real recruiter – not an HR person -, congratulations! You’re in the best business in the world! It’s exciting, challenging and if you’re good, highly profitable.

Yet like any exciting business, it has its up and downs. Many of the dips can be avoided by strict adherence to three principles. You may be familiar with them. But experienced people can drift away from what made them successful and newer recruiters may never put proper emphasis upon them. Thus, they may never develop the habit patterns to enable them to achieve success.

Here are three keys to remember:

Daily Planning

Paul Hawkinson was the long-time editor of the leading industry newsletter The Fordyce Letter in its heyday. His insightful observation that “the one thing all top producers have in common is that they are well-planned” should be remembered.

This planning must be done in detail, in writing and at the end of the day. Too many shirk this critical portion of our business. There is a great emotional connection to be made when putting something in writing; computer screens as “planners” are far less effective.

Many rush from the office and leave planning to the next morning. This is a grave mistake. Planning is best done when your mind is still in the “thrust of battle”. That means before you leave the office.

Numbers and Ratios

It is easy to drift from day to day, especially if business seems to be going well, while actual work output slowly spirals down. Keeping track of hard numbers – presentations to new clients, recruiting presentations, first interviews and much more – will enable you to stay on track and generating the quantity of work required to achieve high billings.

In like manner, analysis of ratios will enable you to identify problems at an early stage. For example, if “recruiting percentage” – the ratio of candidates recruited to recruiting presentations – takes a sudden downward or upward turn, it needs to be looked at closely. What has changed?

Skill Improvement

One of the great positives of real recruiting is that it can involve a great deal of sophistication of skill and intellectual depth to master. To some, this is exciting. But anyone should consider that the closer you are to not just “getting good” but to “being great” in our business, the more money you’ll make.

To improve skills requires not just “working a desk” every day, but ongoing serious study. There are now three substantive hardbound books for our industry totaling over a thousand pages of high-content material, plus CDs, DVDs and in-house training. What is needed is repeatable, reviewable material and genuine concentration on implementing what is learned.

When these three keys are focused on and strictly adhered to, increased production for real recruiters at any level will be the inevitable result.


An article by Dougles Chan – The Recruitment Guru. Also known as the Zhuge Liang for recruitment. A recruitment coach & mentor that specialized on coaching recruitment business owners and staffing agency recruiters.

Author of 8 books. 25 years in recruitment business coaching & mentoring. Focus countries will be in Singapore, USA, UK, Australia and others.

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