Tips on How to Plan a Stress-Free Beach Wedding

Weddings are a significant occasion in one’s life. Couples invest a lot of time and money to make it an extraordinary and memorable event. Usually, brides and grooms get married in formal venues like churches and reception halls but nowadays they are trying out something new like planning it on beaches or resorts.

Getting married on a beach at sunset or sunrise will surely be a spectacular event. Unlike the usual traditional wedding, this will be a more casual way of getting hitched. This sounds like an exciting and fun idea but keep in mind that this type of wedding can also pose a lot of problems. Here are a few tips to ensure your beach wedding will run smoothly as possible.

o The most important factor to consider when planning a beach wedding is the weather. Do not just simply rely on nature to go your way. Be sure to have an alternative or back up plan in the possibility of rain and other weather conditions. Inform the set up to your guests so they will have an idea in case of bad weather.
o In picking a location, do some research first to be able to apply for the necessary permits if you are setting up to have a big celebration.
o After obtaining the consent, also ask for information on specific rules on the beach so you can plan your wedding preparations accordingly. You can also inquire if you can light up candles on the beach.
o The wedding videography will be a lot less formal than the traditional wedding. To make sure that everything you expect to see in your wedding video will be captured, provide the videographer with a checklist of important shots.
o It is usually a bit breezy on the beach so it is much better to pick a location near a cove to avoid strong winds. It is advisable to use decorations that may not likely be blown away by the wind.
o Remember to check the tide tables on your wedding day so you will not be surprised by high tides.
o Have an area that is out of the sun if you are planning to have your wedding during the day. These will prevent heatstroke especially for the elderly and children.
o Do not stage your wedding in midday if the beach is a public location. You certainly would not want to see unfamiliar faces in your wedding photographs later on. Early morning or near sunset is the ideal time to hold the ceremony.
o Select music that will work well with the sound of the environment. Also consider arranging a good sound system to create sweet musical notes.
o Do not forget to put flooring under the chairs and tables of the guests. It may sink in the sand as they sit down and eat supper. Flooring comes in a variety of materials from parquet to carpeted which can be very affordable.
o Use microphones during the ceremony so you will be heard by all of your guests. Although a beach is often a quiet place, you may possibly contend with the sound of seagulls, children playing and the sound of the surf as you recite your vows.

Like a typical wedding, a lot of work and time is involved in planning a beach wedding like looking for a wedding photography studio or ordering your gown. To make it easier you should consider having a ceremony that includes only a few friends and family and moving the whole entourage in an indoor reception after. There also a lot of creative ideas you can add to the reception location to create a romantic beach atmosphere without actually holding the wedding on the beach.

Either way, a beach themed wedding can be dreamy and unforgettable for you and your guests. By planning ahead and preparing for possible problems, you can have a beautiful wedding.

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