Wedding Videography – How to Make Homemade Wedding Videos

Have you ever joined a wedding celebration? If you have, then definitely you will agree that this occasion has many wonderful memories. The venue is spectacular, almost dreamy. The food is great. The ceremony is solemn. The reception is a blast. The messages for the newly weds are very warm and touching. The kiss, the dance, the exchanging of vows and the act of marriage itself is very romantic. All these things are worth keeping for, worth remembering and worth documenting.

People nowadays have various ways to keep these memories alive. One is through photos. Second is by remembering. Third is through videos. Among all three, the magic of video has given a different level of making wedding celebration alive, may it be years from now. If you have not hired a professional to do this for you on your wedding day, then you can have someone from the family do it for you with a simple use of camcorder.

A camcorder will do if you do not intend to hire a service to cover your wedding. Although it is a fact that videographers have high-tech devices nowadays, but if you cannot afford it, you have your affordable wedding videography Singapore done in a traditional way. Any members of the family can do it for you just as long as your equipment can capture a minimum of 30 frames per second.

Once everything is finished, you can actually edit it and add background music or captions to the videos. However, first things first: you have to have a port on your computer to allow you to transfer these files. These ports will allow cable connectors for your camcorders to be attached to the pc so that your computer can recognize the device. If it is a USB connector, then that should not be a problem. However, certain camcorders might require a special video card to be recognized.

The next thing to do is to ensure that you have the installer for your camcorder. This will allow your pc to communicate with your device. They are usually called drivers. If it is not installed in your pc, your pc will automatically request for it once it has been recognized by the system. After being installed, you are ready for transferring files.

However, your video outputs may not be as wonderful as professionals do it. Most of them are equipped with software built for editing videos. If you want to have this edge then make sure you have a software that allows you to add music, effects and texts to your home-made affordable wedding videography Singapore. You can edit it on your own if you think you are well versed when it comes to computer software. Just one more thing, make sure that this software is workable with the type of format your videos have.

Once you have finished doing the editing, you can save it on your hard drive for future viewing. You can do this if you have a lot of space in your computer. You can also save it in CDs or DVDs but just remember it becomes playable in the kind of players that you have at home.


Do not fret if you have not hired a professional videographer to do the job for you. If you have a personal camcorder and someone who knows how to operate it, you are good to go. However, if you want more for your videos get a software and edit them to make them more exciting.

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