What You Need to Know About Wedding Videography

Wedding Videography is described as video production used to document a wedding event on film or video. Also, it can be described as an art for which having the right equipments is crucial; however, having a hawk eye for video is essential. With years of practical experience, Videographers have trained their mind to spotting the perfect moments of wedding to capture events on video that sparks the emotions of those, who are captured on their films. The most crucial thing with Wedding Videography Singapore is that the Videographer is in tandem with the groom and bride plus their families. A Wedding Videographer creates what we wish to share with friends, and hope that they get as much as we do. Videos are stored memories that will last for a long time.

Wedding Videography has existed for the last three decades or so. However, the quality in film has registered tremendous improvement recently, due to the advancement of technology in the film production industry. Compared to Wedding Photography Singapore, Wedding Videography is capable of capturing the emotion and joy that come with the Wedding day. Though Wedding Photography is able to capture the participants smiles from the special day’s events, Wedding Videography is able to capture the bride and groom’s first kiss, the fun made by guests on the dance floor, and the look of romance and love between the married couples. The most essential component of it is how the video is taken and the style the Videographer uses.

Additionally, another benefit of it is that the Videographer and his or her clients are able to choose from a variety of styles to be used and how they wish the video to look and how the video is to be shot. These are some of the things that cannot be done with Photography. The different styles used in Wedding Videography are storytelling, cinematic, traditional and journalistic. Videography that is shot using a journalistic style is equated with shooting a Wedding video like a documentary. The events captured in this kind of video are edited and viewed as they occur and are in stream form or continuous. The journalistic style Videography shows the events from start to the end as they unfold. This form of editing is a clean-cut style to use.

Wedding Videography that is shot using a cinematic style is equated to making a film or movie about a Wedding. In contrast to a journalistic style, which simply tells the story of various events that occurred during the day, cinematic style shoots the Wedding, which includes different sensation, special effects and more dramatic mood than what is found in journalistic style. Videography that is shot using the cinematic style may also show the couples having their first kiss even before showing the ceremony. Storytelling is another style in which the bride and groom telling each other, the story of the events of the day that unfolded. The sound bites play over the video and both the bride and groom records only what they wish to say before or after the actual Wedding takes place.

Another style of Videography is the traditional style, which tends to look like a family video shot. The major difference between a Videographer, who use the traditional style over home edited is that the Videographer knows the right angles to shoot the couple in and has better lighting. Traditional style follows a linear progression and unlike cinematic style, it does not tell a story for dramatic effects, but simply it captures the events of a day for all to remember over the years.