Who Created the Artificial Intelligent Bots That Are Used on Internet Forums?

How do you know that the person on the other end of a Chat Room or Internet Forum is real or a bot there to trick you? Well, you may be surprised to know that it’s not as easy to tell as you might have previously assumed. If you think you are talking to a bot on an Internet Forum, you can always challenge it and ask;

“Are you a bot or not?”

Of course, the bot is programmed to lie, because it is using deception programmed by a deceptive human being right? Sure it would, that’s how I would program them, if I were using them to locate international terrorists and really denial is the first rule in covertness, as per CIA protocol. A friend recently asked me; “Why would someone take the time and resources to create a bot to talk to you?”

Interestingly enough, I guess you need to ask the computer scientists at Carnegie Mellon, why they developed AI to participate on forums and blogs, with the goal of fooling people into thinking they are actual humans. Guess who funds that one?

Now some have said that; “It’s almost borderline destructive [to communication on the Internet]…we do things because..we can, and we want to see to what extent that tangent can go.

Actually there are worthy applications of this science, such as interactive computers and devices that work within the human way of doing things. Working for the humans and bettering their lives instead of controlling their lives.

These types of AI Chat bot software systems could be instrumental in training or teaching for instance or just giving someone a psychological boost, a friend that might listen to them and understand them or help them through a stressful day for instance? So, there really is a bright spot to all this new technology, and testing it in chat rooms makes perfect sense.