What does the indirect wealth in Qi Men Dun Jia really mean?

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In divination or in destiny charts, we will see this particular symbol called the Injury door. It represents the thing called indirect wealth.

Automatically in indirect wealth, we are able to see what is really happening within the palace itself we called a box in 9 boxes or 9 palaces and from there we will see the relationship between the 9 palaces and your and based on the elements between box and box, what is the good relationship or bad relationship. If this is a good relationship, apparently you have good indirect wealth and if you clash with indirect wealth or indirect wealth clashes with you, apparently you may not be very lucky in this indirect wealth.

What is indirect wealth about?
We have few categories. For example in terms of investment, stock market, Forex trader,…This is also something related to gambling, casino, 4D, lottery, etc. You understand it means the concept that you put very little effort and you get the money from there. So this is what we called indirect wealth. Even if you pick up the money on the floor, or even if you received the money from your parents, etc, it is also indirect wealth too.

Anything related to collaboration for example you introduce somebody to the customer and this supplier actually gives you a commission or we call it referencing. That is also classified as indirect wealth.

The indirect wealth also refers to multi-level marketing in the way from there you get the money.
This is indirect wealth information.

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