What is Bazi Reading and the Advantages

Do you believe in astrology and fortune telling?

If yes, then you are at the right place. We are here going to give you a roller-coaster ride about how luck and cultural tradition can make up an impulsive combination.

In Asia particularly, numerous cultures are being followed in dominance. People have a strong belief in religion, so as the Chinese community, they have been the oldest civilizations in world history.

So, they do have different rituals and believe in roots from traditional dynasties.

There is a fortune teller in the history of Chinese tradition that still has a footprint today in the era of artificial intelligence and more. Using an analogy, 10-Year Luck Pillar is the same as the weather forecast. It gives you a common thought approximately your future inclinations. Is your future progressing to be sunny, stormy, or clear weather? It is improbable to alter the climate tomorrow.

Still, you will be able to get ready by doing something positive to form things to happen. But, the Chinese have the study of prediction years back from the prehistoric era of the neolithic age. Its updated versions are still in existence, the one of it Bazi reading, that we are going to dip dig into the fact and how it promises the 10-year luck pillars?

Whether you believe it or not, Bazi reading or Bazi Analysis goes side-by-side in Chinese culture. Believers thought that they might never get the benefits from the aura, which is favorable for you, to reach your desired goals without calculating bazi.

1.What Bazi reading is

Bazi reading is a Chinese birth reading and Bazi Analysis that guides you about your fortune and life, in the aspect of almost everything. Such as health, career, relationships, wealth, and even personality traits. Bazi reading is prepared from a Bazi chart is divided into four sections, which means those four parts are the basic requirements to get yours.

A year pillar, day pillar, month, and time pillar, are mentioned on the chart the thousand years calendar back of yours has the impact.

It is also known as eight characters and four pillars reading. Those four-pillar have three sub pillar known as:

  • Earthly Branches
  • Heavenly Stems
  • Hidden Stems

2.History of Bazi reading and Bazi analysis

The origin of Bazi is from the Tang Dynasty 700 AD, attributed to master Li Xuzhong. It continued in practice by Xu Ziping in the Song Dynasty and, in some school of it till now. The two main centers of this birth reading and its analyses are Zi Ping and Zi Wei Dou Shu. This famous Chinese art of telling fortune is derived from the book of Oracles and I-Ching. The ancient, true Chinese believers have been using this system for thousands of years through winding the course of their civilization. In history, the people of china have a strong urge to seek their fortune and their off-springs. They used to travel far distant temples to have their destinies revealed by their masters.

In history, Confucianism has changed the dimension of Chinese people’s phycology behavior, philosophy, and cultural practices and doings. In other words, consulting a fortune-teller, either a Bazi reading or Feng Shui, both are common practices. Almost every person in the Chinese culture is a part of it.

Historical Connection between Bazi and Feng Shui

Yin Feng Shui traces back to the far Neolithic age, one of the oldest forms almost 2000 years old. Historically, Bazi came after Feng Shui, and replace the previous had been in practice since back ages. Bazi and Feng Shui had a lot in common with their concepts and a similar idea. In the early Tang dynasty, many Chinese rulers started to analyze along with Bazi, and Feng Shui prepared for their predictions.

 A few ancestries at that point saw how both be encouraged associated, such as the Han Wu San Yuan lineage. This lineage, which takes after, can be followed back to 72 generations. It coordinates Bazi into the Feng Shui prepare early because it keeps an eye on the focal points that might reveal from such information. With the help of Bazi to plan a fabulous and personalized Feng Shui setup is old and so has significant verifiable roots in Chinese mysticism.

Phenomena Behind the Analysis

Bazi is considered the most authentic prediction of one’s future destiny. However, the Bazi analysis system is upon twelve stages of life cycles and, the interrelations of those cycles are building blocks on five elements. Bazi works based on those five elements and solar system, planets, stars, galaxies, and studies just like astrology of Chinese tradition. For instance, we already know that indeed as the planets spin around the sun, it is known that human presence is capably formed by the rising and the setting sun. The sun-oriented system has a standing impact on all living creatures. This fortune-telling system is widely in use now and then.

In a nutshell, Bazi reading has its matrix of metaphysical information related to the sun, and its other elements revolve around the individual. The five elements are wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. That set according to one’s four pillars that are its date of birth and time. However, the system maps out 12 stages of an individual’s life that predict self-awareness. 

3.Types of Bazi reading

There are eight common chart types in Bazi reading found. These charts have simple predictions of either good or bad luck.

  • PianCai Ge
  • Zheng Guan Ge
  • Pian Guan Ge/Qisha Ge
  • Zheng Cai Ge
  • Zheng Yin Ge
  • Pian Yin Ge
  • Shi Shen Ge
  • Shang Guan Ge

4.Why people go for Bazi reading

It helps you deep-dive into the understanding of your life and the destinies related to your relationships that are the most important of all. If you get one for you, you will know once all and relax. This is how future prediction seems, right? But, it keeps you more curious about your life day today. I am afraid you might not lose focus. But still, if you asked on your chart, we will be able to derive the quality of life and more like a game you already deja vu in your Bazi Chart.

●     Strength and Weakness

Bazi reading helps to know your strengths and weaknesses in advance. And it allows you to have a better understanding of yourself and around. Unleashing your talents will give you a better breakthrough in your life by knowing your weakness and strengths. You can know where to invest and polish them accordingly. Do you remember when you are trying to secure a career in your early graduation? Guess if you already know which field, you will be making tons of money and saves a lot of your time and energy. Knowing your weakness can help you improve yourself in your personality as well. You can work on those traits to cover mistakes that cause you failures, seeking other resources to help you. Bazi reading will benefit you by giving you more clarity when it comes to decision-making. Throughout your road map to success and life-changing opportunities, you might not lose because of temptation in your character and are not aware.

●     Yearly Luck Cycle

In our life, Good fortune does play a critical figure. According to Bazi Astrology, Bazi specialists will help even as a rule plunge into your good fortune cycle overall and yearly luck cycle. It offers assistance to decide and help what things to avoid. If you get one for yourself, you might not be googling the luck number or luck month at the starting of the new year. 

●     Career and Business Fortune

As most Chinese rulers spent time for future prediction because of their empire, how long they were going to last, would they become a memorable king or not in this lifetime. So as we are in the race of our career and business for a living, it will be a helping hand and might decrease your risk rate for your upcoming business, as in the form of stress, it will not help for official documentation in your business startup to know about your career.

In career analysis, many people who believe in astrology would be eager to know how successful or smooth their startup will be after sometimes. Bazi reading will also be able to suggest and predict whether you are suitable for a job or to start up your own business, in a specific niche or not.

●     Fortune in terms of wealth

Wealth Luck analysis might be extremely exciting but, for me, it is not that priority. Just in case, if you are up to see how wealthy you are going to be and what channel can get with you might greed a little in your heart and follow it. I suggest you follow it if another on the list is unimportant for you, or go for anything else, the rest are all value-adding. However, wealth is also the factor that can advise your wealth’s ups and downs. It can cope with your financial planning habits and other various predictions of money in and out from your bank. But, not your accountant!

●     Prediction for relationship and marriages

Prediction of your boyfriend or girlfriend is what people usually like to know, based on internet reports. Besides looking into spouse relationships and how your marriage life will be, you can also take care of your relationships with your family with your parents, siblings, and other important people in your life.

●     Luck of your child

Parents’ love for their children is undeniable. If you do not ever get a fortune teller for yourself, but you will be curious about your baby’s future more. Bazi reading can tell your children and your destiny, and the future life of your baby. Plus, what you are going to have in the possible upcoming years, the relationship and bonding with your children. It is common in most religions that having a child is lucky. Having a girl or a boy also depends on luck. Likewise Chinese believe that their child’s luck reflects its capability for the throne of their empire. That is also the reason why the rulers want to know which son to designate to continue with their name the year after they passed.

●     Beware from a major critical or disastrous year

It is good to know about our bad day with our morning alarm. We will be alert and take precautionary measures just for a single day. So, here we are talking about the whole year, and will not we be well prepared by staying low profile for a year. Not many detailed predictions, but as basic as what your upcoming year is going to be like, avoiding high-risk activities, relationships that cause you trouble, or investments to spend during your not so fortunate year. Bazi reading can help you out in the beginning, and then it is your job to set it in with an alarm reminder.

5.Advantages of Bazi reading

The truth is not of we are leaders, if not, the complete world will be in chaos. A few are great in giving back, whereas others kick the bucket difficult explanatory and a few who lived by instinctual and intestine. One can not say who is more imperative or superior since it depends on the circumstance or issue to resolve. There are many examples overseen in the history of the world. One makes more shrewd choices by recognizing and applying what we are great at and taking advantage of certain timings or individuals in our life.

A few people call it luck I take it as being prepared in advance for future life tests. It is this self-awareness and taking charge and action that make us where we are today. Bazi reading and Bazi Analysis can reveal the strategy required for career development such, as job-hopping rather than devotion to the Company.

In this way working, within the respectful division is planning to be an awful thought! Recognizing and understanding this gives you an unfair advantage already.

Last but not least, do you know the Bazi reading is so advanced that there is something call the Bazi Calculator? I have write an article related to this.

An article by Dougles Chan, a Qimen Dunjia Master.