Who will be right for me in Marriage?

“Who will be suitable for me in marriage?” – The question everyone must ask when thinking about marriage. We always wonder how to find the right person for us, how to find a good person, etc. So, why not let Qi Men Dun Jia help you? If you do not believe in the power of Qimen in this area, read the article below!

Mr. Chad came and asked Mr. Dougles Chan to see if he wanted to get married. Who should he marry? Who will be suitable for him so that they both have a happy marriage? Mr. Chad provides additional information that he was born at 11:49 on February 4, 1963.

Based on Chad’s date of birth, Mr. Dougles Chan said he was of the Earth element. To find out who is suitable for him, we will consider the relationships of the elements in the Five Elements. In the relationship of the Five Elements, Fire produces Earth. That is, Mr. Chad should choose his future wife with Fire element. Or he can choose a woman with the same element as him, which is the Earth element.

At this point, many of you will probably ask, Mr. Chad can find a woman with Fire or Earth element, but which element will be best?
That answer is Fire. You should find a husband or wife that has a harmonious relationship in the Five Elements rather than one that coincides with your element.

What if you choose the opposite party or have a harmony relationship in the Five Elements? And is there a solution?
If unfortunately your spouse has opposing elements that conflict with you, the marriage may be prone to quarrels and disagreements. However, there is still a way to change and make this marriage better even though the partner is not in a compatible relationship with you. The truth is that not many people know how to solve this problem. Only those who understand and master Qi Men Dun Jia can do it.

To find the right person and make your marriage the happiest does not stop at analyzing the relationship between the elements in the Five Elements, but also many other aspects. For a more in-depth analysis, it is imperative that you have in-depth knowledge of Qimen. You know, if you misuse your knowledge of Qi Men Dun Jia, not only will you not be able to find the right person, but you will also make your marriage worse and worse. Therefore, finding a person who is good at conveying knowledge and has credibility is very important. I believe Mr. Dougles Chan will help you. Try texting the teacher and asking for his advice, friends!

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