Why I choose Selling Curtain as an e-Commerce Business

What is e-Commerce Business anyways?

For the readers who do not know, it is an activity that sells products or services online using a website or an app. So an eCommerce business is a business that sells only via online.

Many people use platforms such as ebay, lazada, shoppe, etc to sell their products and services, however, personally, I would rather do my personal website so that there is 100% control in everything we want to do.

Vector internet shopping concept

Although there is a cost involved compared to more of the available platforms, the advantages of have your own website outweighs the cost many hundreds or thousands of times.

There are so many items can be sold in an e-Commerce business using a website or apps.

Why do I select “Curtains” as a product to sell online instead of other items? Here are some of my process of choosing the curtains as a product.

One day, I was having discussion with my friend on sourcing for some tiems and use ecommerce as a platform to sell internationally but many of the products may face some problems as it needs to go through the approval of the governments and authority as some items can be pretty sensitive to be import, especially food or consumable items.

The meeting was not very fruitful as we end up with nothing to suggest that are interesting.

When I was watching the show Grey’s Anatomy, where Meredith Grey was cutting a body for a surgery, I notice the curtain in my house are PURPLE color, which we just changed it due to the upcoming Chinese New Year in Feb 2021.

GREY’S ANATOMY – “Silent All These Years” – When a trauma patient arrives at Grey Sloan, it forces Jo to confront her past. Meanwhile, Bailey and Ben have to talk to Tuck about dating on “Grey’s Anatomy,” THURSDAY, MARCH 28 (8:00-9:01 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Mitch Haaseth) SOPHIA ALI, ELLEN POMPEO

Then I asked myself, will CURTAINS be a suitable product to be sell online using a website?

And I ponder further, and I also check the Qimen chart (A divination tool), call me superstitious but it works for me very well in many of my business ventures. This is what it shows:

I will not go into the depth of the technical part of the Qimen Dunjia as it is pretty complicated. So in a nutshell, the chart indicated that –

Unlimited profits falls within the EARTH Palace 8, which produce palace 6 which is metal, resulting in more opportunities (international).

The seeker, which is me, falls in palace 6, which at the same time creating alot of opportunities with good people around to help

This is the possible result if I were to invest in the CURTAINS business via e-commerce. The forecast is indicting a good result for the business venture.

I went to research further in the SEARCH VOLUME for Google

Search Volume for Google

By searching for the volume of Google, I am able to see how many people really are searching for the product and could be potential customers, this will help me to determine how many people could be buying curtains for their homes.

After researching, I see the volume is good enough and I research the international market and it sees very good in terms of the search volume.

Deciding How to Market

Yes, before I decide to enter a market, I would need to know how to market them so that it will be profitable.

The platform I choose is Google Search Engine (SEO) and Facebook Marketing

As I have been doing SEO for almost 20 years, and very familiar with FB adversitment, I am pretty confident that both platforms will do well in the long run.

Price of Product

I search a few public domain such as Ailbaba and Taobao, I see the prices are easily a few dollars and retail market prices can be around $25 to $100 or more per set, meaning that the profit margins are pretty decent too.

That is a positive TICK for the decision marking.

Weigh and Size of Curtains per pack

One aspect of the consideration if the weight of the certain per pack. As we need to consider if the item is too heavy, then the transport cost can be high if you are doing airfright. If you do be sea freight, then it is ok.

The SIZE of the item must not be too big also if the item is value at $25-$100 per pack. Obviously, for curtains, it is not as small as earbuds that is super small and light, the size and weight is still acceptable within business sense.

The longevity of the Product

Curtains can be kept very long, as long as you put them in a suitable temperature, at such, I am not too worried about the expiry date where I must sell the product within a specific period of time or I will be losing the investment.

For curtains, it can last very long, which I love it so much.

Personal Interest

To be honest, my wife love beautiful curtains, if I were to invest in this industry, we can change a new set of curtains every week and have a fresh start every week, you know the curtains in the room can change a mood of a person especially if you LOVE the color and the designs of the curtains.

Where, here they are, some of my inputs on how I choose curtains as an ecommerce business, in futures, I will be venturing more in other products too. Visit my website for curtains over here.