Why Most Home-Based Recruitment Consultant Fails to Generate High Income

There are many recruitment agencies that hires freelance home-based recruitment consultant to help them on their recruitment activities and there are quite a fair number of the recruitment consultants are going towards this trend of employment. Why recruitment agencies wants to go for such engagement and why recruitment consultants are moving towards this trend will not be covered here as our focus today will only be to identify the possible reasons behind the failures of the home-based recruitment consultant.

Part-Time Effort

When I share with people on this simple logic,the focus and time by a home-based recruitment consultant usually are very limited, within a week itself, they could be putting only a few hours on this job. My challenge to them is, if you are not able to put in full time effort, which will be 40-60 hours of efforts per week, how are you able to get full time results? Most of the people were dumb folded after I said that logic….. The logic is; Full-Time effort usually equates full time results, part-time effort is not equates to part-time results, it equates to NO results….If one still believes that you will need minimum effort to generate very good results, they could be living in their own dream land. The fact is this, there is NO free lunch, you have to get your “xxx” out there and get the things done.

Too Much Distraction

When you are at home, how many other things are waiting for you to do? List them down, you will be surprise the total list is so many that your job as a recruitment consultant at home will seems so unimportant. Even if you wanted to get the job done, there are too many distractions from your family members, food, bed and even Facebook and other social media.

Lack of Motivation

It will be very lonely when you are working at home, and even the most motivated person will feel down some days, you will need to have an environment where externally it forces you to be motivated willingly or unwillingly, yes it will be great to be motivated willingly, however being motivated unwillingly by external force is better than not motivated at all, isn’t it? You will have to set the environment that is able to help you get things done, else the environment will get the things done for you; at your expenses.

Lack of proper training

How many of them are really being properly trained? How many days of training had it been done with the consultants? 2-3 days? Do you expect people to perform with only 2-3 days of training? Well, I am not too sure with 2-3 days of intensive training will help. Even when I trained recruitment consultants from 6-12 months, not all of them make it in the industry!

Does not use the 80/20 Rule

This is to state that 80% of the sales come from 20% of your clients.  In other words, if you have 100 clients, 20 clients will bring you 80% of your overall sales, and the other 80 clients will ONLY bring you 20% of the business.

This applies to candidates too, most recruitment consultants will take in ALL clients and ALL candidates. When you do this way, you are doom for failure.

Using traditional Methods

How will the recruitment consultant generate clients and candidates?

Cold calling, networking, post jobs in job portals, etc….isn’t that what MOST of the other recruitment consultants are doing?

So my question is, what makes you so special and UNIQUE?

The fact that you are just one of the many of them, and when you are just another one of them, you will be flooded among the others and usually will not yield anything interesting.

Well, let’s face it, most of them will fail, in fact, almost 95% of them will fail and many will move to another industry.

However, given the proper guidance, route and path. It is very possible that it will work out very well, there are people making millions of dollars in the industry, the fact that you must know how to do them.