Why Most Recruitment Agents Fail to Hit Their Targets (KPI).

Why Most Recruitment Agents Fail to Hit Their Targets (KPI)
As a recruitment agent, aka a recruitment consultant, your task is to find corporate clients, find out their job openings, convince them to give you the job order, and find a suitable candidate for them. It seems to be an “easy” job, but most recruitment agents really find it tough to hit their targets (KPI). Of course, if they’re not able to hit their targets within the specific time, they will either have to resign or be asked to leave the company.
The Truth
Having worked with so many consultants, agents, managers, and senior level people, I am sure all of them are very hardworking….well, correction…most of them are very hardworking. They have every intention of hitting their targets and KPI, but somehow, at the end of every month, it seems that the number just does not meet the company’s expectation. Let’s drill down into the details and see what really goes wrong to find some insights.
Training – Is It Sufficient?
Most new consultants, when they first join, will undergo a few days of orientation and training, after which they will be on their own. Some companies do not even give them any training at all. The issue here is that a new consultant, even one with some experience, will need guidance in some way or another. Having only 3-5 days of training is not sufficient at all.
To train a consultant to become a real super consultant, training must be done EVERYDAY. Take about 30 to 60 minutes for training, and the rest of the time will be hands on the job. Do this for at least 3 – 6 months, and you will see results in time. However, most agencies do not have the “time” to allow them to be trained, hence before the person can perform, they are already being asked to leave.
The Manager
Well, you will need to have a competent manager who has the great leadership skills, motivating skills, and industry skills to make the difference, If the manager had just undergone 3-5 days of training as mentioned above, do you think they would be good enough to become a leader? I am surprised to see some people who have barely 1-2 years of experience leading a team, when they are still not experienced enough to manage the team itself.
Unable to Generate Clients
This stage is very important. If you do not have clients, you will never, ever able to close any case at all! Training has been given to help you make the cold calls and ask for the orders, but let’s look at the truth. In fact, EVERYONE ELSE is doing the same thing. If you are not innovative enough, clients will not come to you.  
Once you have successfully managed to generate job orders, you will post some advertisements or search the database to see if you are able to find the right candidates. My question is, is the consultant really being trained correctly on the process of posting advertisements and filtering? How can some people post an advertisement and generate 5-10 resumes, and others can generate 50-100 resumes? You see, you must know how to do it, or else you will be like one of those “advertisements” out there, lost in nowhere…
Choosing the Wrong Clients
Are you accepting all the job orders? If you are, you will doom yourself, because I dare to say that at least 60-80% of the job orders cannot be filled due to the clients overflowing the market with the same job order. This is part of the process of market tumours, which consists of 3 stages. With this market tumour happening, the chances are that the consultants who close even 1 out of 1000 cases will be considered very lucky! If you have a ratio of 1:1000, do you think you will close any cases at all?
Not Setting Up Goals
Many consultants do not really know what they are supposed to do everyday, and just wait for the emails to come in and act accordingly. You will need to write down the specific things you will want to complete, in order of importance, and do them one by one.  If you do not write them down, you will tend to have many other non-important things that will happen around you to keep you very busy, and at the end of the day you will find that you have not accomplished anything.
Not Being Specialized
Let us face a fact—recruitment consultants are not Superman. If you want them to become a salesperson, telemarketer, recruiter, interviewer, administrator, data entry person, counselor and negotiator, you will not be able to find such person. But most bosses expect such people to exist. You will need to focus on what you are best in. If you are good in sales and doing business development, go for it. If you are good in research and recruiting, focus on that area. It will yield much better results because once you specialize in one area, you will know the best way to complete a task in a shorter time and move on.
Well, a recruitment consultant is a well-respected job, and if you do it the right way, you will be able to achieve a lot and make plenty of great friends. The journey is tough but it can be fruitful for those who dare and know the way…till then….