Why the Secret of the Recruitment Industry Was Revealed.

Many people have asked me why I am sharing the “Secrets” in my manual Financial Success in Recruitment Industry since they are so powerful? My answer to them is very simple: for the last 20 years, the recruiting business industry profitability has gone downhill. Everyone is copying from everyone and duplicating the “methods” that are “traditional” and are not working, which eventually leads to financial failure. Nobody is WILLING to share success strategies!
I want to be the one saying: Excuse me, this is not working. You need to take a look and see why it is not working and what the better available options are. There is definitely a better way to do it!
With this direction, I am able to bring the smaller players into a better position compared to if they were doing it alone. I just have to say that it’s a HELL out there. If you are just a beginner, you will be eaten alive! Don’t believe me? Time will prove what I am saying is right.
Honestly speaking, when I wrote the manual Financial Success in Recruitment Industry some years back, I had only one objective in mind: transferring all my knowledge that I had learned and used into this book in the simplest form, so that any layman could understand and apply the secrets.
I really do not know how long this special manual will be available to the public because of the nature of the content. Certain industry players in the market who are financially strong and powerful may try to stop this from being released it to the public, and especially to the smaller players. They may even use the media or any other methods to discredit this book or myself whenever possible. The day will come because I know how EVIL the business world is in the real world.
Everyday I receive emails and phone calls asking about this manual and the price that was intentionally positioned to encourage only serious people to own it. It is not for those library collectors who have plenty of eBooks and no success in life. It is only for those who have the guts and really want to be successful.
My reminder to those who want to are going to own this manual or who have already bought it: If you really desire to be financially successful in the recruiting industry, you will need to follow the steps very carefully and diligently. Many “smart” people will try to skip a few steps, but I do not encourage this because I was the “Smart” ass before…haha. I hit the wall many times and was financially ruined just because I thought I was “smart.”
Lastly, you need to take massive and positive action to ensure that the secret strategies are applied consistently without fail.