Will Feng Shui Masters Scam You?

Have you been so eager for one thing you let your ignorance go at the top of your head? Have you trusted a person so quickly without the proper background check?

A person interested in knowing and practicing Feng Shui may exert all his time, effort, and most significantly, an amount of cash. We’d go to certain extents to find a solution to our daily struggles and maintain harmony in life. Because at the end of the tunnel, happiness is a top priority for most people regardless of the consequences awaiting- even hoping for a quick shortcut. 

But does the scamming possible in Feng Shui? Will masters take advantage of clients’ vulnerabilities and innocence for the sake of power and money? How will you know it’s a scam? And most importantly, how will you avoid it?

In a 2020 news by Jeline Malasig of Interaskyon Philstar, a Feng Shui master named Hanz Cua made headlines for alleged scam or fraud in the Philippines. Before the start of 2020, this 15-year master said how lucky and prosperous the upcoming year would be. However, as the first three months of 2022 came, various economic problems arose. From a significant volcanic eruption, deadly floods to different regions, and the ever well-known pandemic, COVID-19. With these, Filipinos attacked the Feng Shui master online, calling him “fake” and alike. Was he actually scamming and lying about Feng Shui?

Many more articles have arisen about this subject, from false consultation to fake self-proclaimed Feng Shui masters. These emerging issue has shaken the world by storm. The question might be, “How can an ancient Chinese practice become a tool for scammers?”. Unfortunately, The New York Time news content informed that this had taken a considerable toll on legit and certified Feng Shui masters- who are worried about losing their hard-earned credibility in the profession and longing for justice. 

Despite these obstacles, Feng Shui still progresses and guides most of us. Like any other potential lies, one must do his responsibility to research factual information about Feng Shui. It’s not an old truth that the latter has been practiced for a thousand years now. Its history can be traced back to the ancient Taoist teaching, and ever since, it has been practiced by different races worldwide, improving and modernizing. The goal of Feng Shui is not to exploit the needy; it’s the opposite. A certified Feng Shui master knows his credibility and has a passion for helping struggling individuals make their environment harmonious (yin and yang) and less stressful. Before going into consultation, assess potential masters from the people you might know, research for well-known Feng Shui masters in your area- and interrogate them properly from their pieces of training or certificate, philosophy, teaching style, and beliefs. If you do this wisely, you will be able to decide his legitimacy.  

Remember, Feng Shui is not one size fits all it varies. There is no quick fix to a life full of positivity and awareness. Every accomplishment takes more.  Therefore, have an open mind to take action and gather facts, know your needs, and challenge and trust in your belief. 

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