Window Decoration With Window Curtains

When it comes to your home or office, be it a two story building or one bedroom and bathroom apartment on the third floor, window decoration can enhance every room in your home or office. One great way to improve on window decoration is picking curtains that already go with the room and how that room is set up. Doing so will have great end results for your home or office. Even if you have cheap wood blinds, plastic mini blinds, it does not matter, curtains can improve any look for any room. Now you may be wanting to pay someone to do most of the work for you, in fear of messing up and wasting money. Never fear, most window decoration will go up with little or no hassle. When it comes to styles of curtains and drapes, the choices seem never ending. Picking how you wish to treat each room or going uniform with the entire home should be the first choice before deciding anything else.

The Curtains and Drapes For You

When choosing the blinds and drapes for you and your house or apartment, or even office, it comes down to you. What you want and need, your style, just you. It may be important to impress others but make sure you like what you pick. You will have to live with it, even it is not forever. These are some ideas to get you started.

To Drape or Not To Drape

Using drapes normally has valances that hang low around the window. The valance covers the curtain rod hiding it from view. This is very good for large homes and penthouses, and maybe even large apartments. This style takes professional installing and is one of the few normal home owners should not do themselves unless they have experience.


Valances are simple and easy to do with great results in looks. They hang from the curtain rod and cover the rod themselves. This will give the window a good look and feel for the room.


Drapes are good for most homes windows, they add a nice touch of style in any setting. Drapes hang on the rod, but the actual length of the drapes can very. There are long drapes that collect on the floor, or “puddle,” there are shorter drapes that hang to the “sill,” and to the “apron.” With the many lengths and styles, the only thing that limits you is your budget and ideas.

Window Beads

This may or may not seem as a silly idea to you, but you can also decorate curtains with beads. This is also done in door ways. Every color imaginable is an option with plastic beads. Also, if you prefer, wood beads have a good selection of earthy colors.

Window Hardware – Curtain Rods

Even with the best styles in window drapes, window curtains, unless you use valances of course, window hardware, the curtain rods will affect the look and feel of your windows, and this means, you home. There are many styles of curtain rods, and different colors and materials. Materials include of different plastics, metals and wood.