Feng Shui Masters, You Deserve a Better Online Branding

Many Feng Shui Masters are using online marketing, doing Facebook marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, Google Ads, SEO or more to generate more clients for their Feng Shui business.

However, many failed to covert the potential leads to customers, even if they do, they are not able to sustain as they are selling their services and products basing on price. Their Feng shui, calculating bazi reading using Qimen Chart, qi men dun jia clients are moving to other more popular and famous Feng shui masters because they are more branded.

When you compete on prices, you do not need any online branding, the price is the critical deciding factor.

Sadly, it is not the brand on why they are buying from you, and the customer will always move to another competitor because they have a better price.

Seriously – If you are a Feng Shui master that gives Feng shui consulting or Bazi reading services, You need to embark into online branding to position yourself as a authoritative figure in your industry so that people buys from you because of YOU, they like YOU, they trust YOU and they believe in YOU and not because of your discounted price, in long term, the customers will still buy from you regardless of what products or services you are selling, because they buy YOUR brand and YOU are the brand.

Online Branding is Always Affordable

Many offline branding expert charge an arm and a leg just to provide branding service because they positioned themselves as the top branding expert. It works, they made many companies paid them big bucks for just a logo design….with a beautiful story.

To me, a logo is still a logo, yes, there can be some of difference between a $20,000 logo from a branding agency and a $5 logo which you can get from Fiverr.

Online Branding is not about Logo Design

Contradict to offline branding agencies, logo is only part of the asset for branding, it is not the branding process.

Online branding is VERY DIFFERENT from Offline branding. The offline branding agency will disagree with me because I know too much details about online branding that offline branding agency do not even know…

Online branding is the process of making YOUR brand or YOUR name well know in the market so that people will remember you as the authorities figure in your industry and when your customer is ready to buy, they will come knocking on your door without you even asking for it.

Online Branding is putting a X (Cross) to as many places as possible and creating the TRUST.

Imagine when you surf online and ONE particular brand keep popping up in front of you, and it is NOT a paid ad. The next following months and years the same brand keep showing in Google organic search and other websites and it is still not a paid advertisement, this will be the ultimate goals for any brand who would like to dominate the marketing using online branding.

Online Branding is Scalable 

Regardless what you current business status is, whether it is a start up business or already established in the industry and need the online branding expert to help you, you can always start small and scale up when you are ready.

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